Issue 588 – National Prayer Needs

Additional National Prayer Needs

Pray for our Military

The Air Force is rebuilding its plans for the Pacific around the B-21, which is capable of doing more than its predecessors. The stealth fighter jet will help accelerate operations in the region, reducing vulnerability in a conflict with China, and act as an airborne data hub and communications domain. 

Pray as more and more the Defense Department and many of its officials feel that military conflict with China may be inevitable. 


Ukrainian President Zelensky has invited Chinese President Xi to discuss its peace plan for ending the war with Russia.  “We offered China to become a partner in the implementation of the peace formula across all channels. We invite you to dialogue. We are waiting for our answer,” Zelensky said in a press conference. 

As of last week, the cost of recovery and rebuilding in Ukraine had grown to $411 billion, according to the World Bank.  The European Union declared payment for reconstruction should be made by the Kremlin. Sweden’s prime minister who holds the leadership of the Council of the European Union said, “In principle, it’s clear-cut: Russia must pay for the reconstruction of Ukraine.” Furthermore, he said it “must be done in accordance with EU and international law.” 

Pray for the leaders of the nations as they increase support and provisions to the Ukrainian military. 


As the U.S. and South Korea engaged in military drills, North Korea stepped up its weapons testing by test-firing a short-range cruise missile in what it referred to as a simulated nuclear attack on the South. The North said it will continue its weapons tests as the U.S. has reported plans to deploy an aircraft carrier to the region in the coming days. 

Pray for administration officials as they take action in response to the escalating threat from North Korea.  


More than 42 percent of American adults are obese according to a new analysis from the University of Chicago. The highest prevalence is in the South and Midwest. Obesity, they reminded in their report, is associated with hypertension, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and other causes that contribute to preventable, premature deaths. 

The first signs of Alzheimer’s disease or mild cognitive impairment may be found in the eyes, a newly published study shows.  “Our study is the first to provide in-depth analysis of the protein profiles and the molecular, cellular, and structural effects of Alzheimer’s disease in the human retina and how they correspond with changes in the brain and cognitive function,” said the senior author/researcher.  

Pray for friends and family who struggle with diseases associated with aging.


A law introduced in Israel’s Knesset would make sharing the Gospel in an attempt to persuade anyone to convert to another religion a crime. The bill would also strengthen existing law which criminalizes giving anything of value to another in an endeavor to persuade them to change their religion or proselytize them when under 18 years of age. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he will not allow any legislation to be passed that would ban Christianity. 

Plans to push a controversial judicial overhaul is being delayed, as unprecedented public opposition took to riots in the streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, which some feared could lead to a civil war in Israel.  

Pray for a return to peace in the streets of Israel.  Pray for wisdom for Prime Minister Netanyahu as he faces stiff opposition to his newly formed government. 


According to a new survey, 66 percent of Americans were living paycheck to paycheck in January, and household bills are costing them roughly 42 percent of their average take-home income. Housing costs are the most significant in spending, but utility bills, auto loans, and auto insurance were also considerable. 

New information from shows nearly half of American parents continue to support their adult children financially on an average of $1,442 each month. According to their report, “inflation, lagging wages, rising interest rates, surging housing costs and student loan debt” all contribute to hobbling young adults financially. 

Pray for federal leaders in their effort to get inflation under control.

Pray for Justice in America

A judge in Michigan has approved a settlement in the Flint water supply cases, that includes funds from the state, the city, and a local hospital.  The more than $625.5 million settlement will be disbursed 80 percent to people who were minors when exposed to the lead-contaminated water in Flint, 18 percent toward the claims of adults and property damage claims, and a final 10 percent for special education services (2 percent) and business losses (8 percent). 

Give thanks that the hardships and health effects of families and children will be somewhat ameliorated by this settlement. 

Pray for Goodness in America

Representative Jeff Jackson of North Carolina, a freshman member of the House, admitted to having wrong preconceived notions about another member of Congress. In a post on Instagram and TikTok that went viral, he said, “I’m still brand new to Congress and recently I got something totally wrong.” He added, “I think it’s important when it comes to rebuilding the loss of trust because there’s an enormous loss of trust for this institution and the people who serve there. You can’t fix that by saying, ‘No, you have to trust me.’ You’ve got to fix that by starting with transparency, which is as simple as saying, ‘Here’s what I did today, here’s what I’m going to do tomorrow.’ That’s where trust starts.” 

Give thanks for the times when civility and just being nice can happen in Congress. 

Pray for America’s Technology

A new Gallup poll ranks cyberterrorism at 86 percent at the top of the list of critical threats to the interests of the United States, ahead of nuclear weapons and foreign terrorists. 

Pray for software engineers who are working to stay one step ahead of hackers to find greater success. 

Pray for Needs Across the States

A bill that would ban firearms in “sensitive” areas is under consideration by the Hawaii legislature.  Sensitive areas include hospitals, schools, places that sell alcohol, amusement parks, public parks, homeless and domestic violence shelters, banks, and anywhere children gather. The bill would also require gun owners to obtain permission from property owners to carry a gun on private premises. 

Pray for the governor, legislature, and agency and department heads in your own state. 

Pray for America’s Faith Community

“Prayer is not a means for us to persuade a reluctant God to do something which is against His better judgment. Prayer, rather, is coming to God for the fulfillment of His will, coming to a God who delights to answer prayer. … In prayer we can approach God with complete assurance of His ability to answer us. There is no limit to what we can ask, if it is according to His will.” – Dr. John Walvoord, President, Dallas Theological Seminary, 2002 

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