Issue 584 – National Prayer Needs

Additional National Prayer Needs

Pray for our Military

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin stated that he has had no direct communications with his Chinese counterpart in “a couple of months” even though the Washington-Beijing relationship has continued to deteriorate. He said China “has declined our request” for dialogue. 

A Chinese fighter jet carrying four air-to-air missiles shadowed an American P-8 patrol aircraft, first appearing at its rear, then passing overhead, and then settling several hundred feet from the Navy plane’s wing. “American aircraft, this is the PLA air force. You are approaching Chinese airspace. Keep a safe distance or you will be intercepted,” a Chinese military ground station broadcast to the P-8, using the abbreviation for the People’s Liberation Army. 

Pray for the leaders and commanders as they oversee the activities of America’s military in the Indo-Pacific region. 


China’s foreign ministry issued a twelve-point plan in calling for a ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine. All parties should support Russia and Ukraine in working in the same direction and resuming direct dialogue as quickly as possible, so as to gradually deescalate the situation and ultimately reach a comprehensive ceasefire,” the foreign ministry said in its plan. 

A year into the war in Ukraine, military fatalities are estimated to be between 60,000 at the low end to around 100,000 at the top, although casualty figures are difficult to determine. The numbers, including civilians in Ukraine, may amount to over 300,000. 

Pray for diplomats working behind the scenes to secure an end to the war in Ukraine. 


A policy advocacy group established by former Vice President Mike Pence is questioning the FBI about its memo that urged agents to establish “sources with access” including in “places of worship” to investigate the “radical traditional Catholic ideology.” Counsel for the group said, “The First Amendment guarantees free exercise of religion, without surveillance or fear of being labeled as extremists by the federal government.” 

Pray for U.S. officials to protect and uphold the freedom of religion outlined in the First Amendment.


Officials with the World Bank estimate that direct damages from the earthquake in Turkey are around $34.2 billion, equal to 4 percent of that nation’s GDP in 2021. Rebuilding may cost twice that, or three times the estimated direct physical damage. 

Universities across Iran are responding to women’s rights protests by students, forcing female students to attend hijab “counseling” on how to wear their hijab “properly.” The universities are also firing professors who aided or participated in women’s rights student protests. 

Pray for the people of Turkey and Syria who have been hard hit by earthquakes which continue to create damage and loss of life. 


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the flu vaccine has provided “substantial protection” against the virus. They also stated that the risk of hospitalization resulting from influenza A had been cut by nearly three-quarters among children and by half for adults. 

The Drug Enforcement Administration is requiring patients to see a doctor in person in order to receive attention deficit disorder medications or addictive painkillers. This move overhauls the telehealth methods being used by many, reducing access to medication in order to address the ongoing crisis with opioids. 

Pray for CDC and other health officials as they release information to an increasingly skeptical public as the actual origins of the COVID virus continue being exposed. 


According to an Israeli Channel 12 television broadcaster, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has met with top military officials in a series of secret meetings where they discussed preparations for a possible attack on Iranian nuclear facilities. The Times of Israel reported that officials have concluded that unilateral action could be taken if necessary and that information has been conveyed to Secretary of State Antony Blinken and French President Emanuel Macron. 

Israel’s defense minister signed a document indicating that an Iranian smuggling operation, that they discovered last May, continues to be of concern. The operation involves the illegal trade of Iranian oil to Venezuela in return for gold bullion, which is then used to fund Hezbollah, a Lebanese-based, Iran-supported terrorist organization. 

Pray for the prime minister and Knesset as they address the relationship of Israel with its neighbors. 


A new survey from Bankrate shows a growing number of Americans are saving less and using credit cards more as they face a “less-than-optimal economy, including historically high inflation coupled with rising interest rates.”  

A new report from the National Association for Business Economists shows that most expect a recession in the United States this year. A growing number do predict it will show up later than initially predicted. 

Pray for the president and his economic advisors as they address inflation and the possible recession.

Pray for Justice in America

It took a jury one hour to find a pro-life advocate not guilty of violating the FACE Act, a federal law that makes it a crime to interfere with anyone providing abortion services. He potentially faced 11 years in prison, if convicted. After his acquittal, he said he and his family felt the hand of God on them from the moment they learned of the indictment until the end of the trial. 

Pray for those who participate in pro-life advocacy groups to remain law-abiding as they support women who are experiencing a crisis pregnancy. 

Pray for Goodness in America

Calling it just part of the job, an Atlanta police officer has been hailed as a hero after he performed CPR and revived a cyclist who collapsed on the road. The officer said, “As I’m doing it, I’m praying the whole time.” He added, “It’s something that came natural to me. I just went to do what I remember in my training. I would love for someone to do that for my family if they were needed. … It is just something I do, and I love what I do. I’ll do it every time.” 

Give thanks for the members of America’s law enforcement, whose positive actions go generally unhailed, who take their call to serve and protect seriously. 

Pray for America’s Media

Representative Harriet Hagerman of Wyoming has stated that AT&T is violating the right to free speech in denying Newsmax a place on its network news outlet.

Pray for federal officials as they address corporate and news censorship. 

Pray for America’s Education

Librarians in Missouri have filed a lawsuit challenging a state law which bans books that are sexually explicit from being in the classrooms. The law says if a librarian provides a minor with sexually explicit material, that librarian can be fined $2,000 and serve up to one year in jail. The librarians and the ACLU, which is party to the lawsuit, say the law violates the First Amendment. 

The University of North Carolina is banning statements on “diversity, equity, and inclusion,” including preferential hiring. The university’s president said, “We believe in a race-blind, meritocratic society with high standards and that’s what has traditionally produced excellence in the United States.” He added that as the DEI ideology infiltrates the medical profession “we became concerned because medicine is the one place where everybody knows, liberals, conservatives, independents, that you need the most qualified doctor to get the best outcome.” 

Pray for the heads of educational institutions who are addressing the shifts in American culture. 

Pray for America’s Technology

The U.S. Copyright Office ruled that artwork, music, and writing produced by artificial intelligence are not entitled to copyright protections. It will not allow copyright registrations for AI-generated content for “works produced by a machine or mere mechanical intervention from a human author.” 

A spokesperson with the U.S. Marshals Service revealed they were hit with a “major” security breach a week ago. The ransomware and data exfiltration event occurred on February 17. Of the breach, he said, “The affected system contains law enforcement sensitive information, including returns from legal process, administrative information, and personally identifiable information pertaining to subjects of USMS investigations, third parties, and certain USMS employees.” 

Pray for the software engineers and others who are writing programs for the government as they seek to enhance security and prevent breaches.

Pray for Needs Across the States

Governor Bill Lee of Tennessee is expected to sign legislation that would ban drag show performances and gender-affirming healthcare for minors. If he signs the measure, it could be the first of its kind in the U.S. 

Connecticut is looking to join with other states in trying to curb the number of collisions caused by wrong-way highway drivers with wrong-way detection systems at highway entries. Researchers say most wrong-way crashes occur at night when it is hard to see signs, and a disproportionate number occur on weekends, often coinciding with alcohol consumption or similar impairment. 

Pray for wisdom for state governors, legislators, and agencies as they confront the many issues facing their regions. 

Pray for America’s Faith Community

This [Asbury University revival] I believe is for Generation Z, for this generation coming up now. This is their moment where God is getting a hold of their hearts. Their eyes are opening, and they are surrendering their lives to Christ. The time is now. The kingdom of God is here. What should be our response? Repent and believe in the Good News.“ – Dr. Corne Bekker, Dean and Professor, Regent University School of Divinity, February 24, 2023 

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