DOD Urged to Review Health Care System Issues

The latest system disruption kicked soldiers out of health care enrollment.

The Senate Veterans Affairs Committee wrote a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin recently, calling for Department of Defense leaders to address the many issues plaguing their health care system. The technology used to run Tricare has had an “alarming number” of incidents that derail its functionality.

Most recently, a glitch in the system that occurred last month caused 25,000 Tricare beneficiaries to be unenrolled from their healthcare plan. Similar glitches continue to occur, and the Defense Department has responded by telling their soldiers to check to see if they need to re-enroll for Tricare coverage.

“We urge you to take proactive measures to communicate with and re-enroll any recently dropped beneficiaries and for the department to undertake a comprehensive evaluation of Tricare to resolve the numerous challenges faced by Tricare beneficiaries,” the committee leaders wrote in their letter.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Secretary Austin as he considers the situation with the Defense Department’s health insurance system.
  • For members of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee as they seek to ensure servicemembers’ coverage under the government plan.

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