Veterans’ Cost-of-Living Increase Passes in the House

Bipartisan support given to legislation that guarantees annual cost-of-living increase. House legislators recently finalized plans to secure a cost-of-living increase in veterans’ benefits for the upcoming year, and…

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DOD Urged to Review Health Care System Issues

The latest system disruption kicked soldiers out of health care enrollment. The Senate Veterans Affairs Committee wrote a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin recently, calling for Department…

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Senate Bill Would Address VA Hospital Staffing

Hospitals are experiencing personnel shortages.  Senator John Boozman has introduced a bill to address staffing shortages at Veterans Administration hospitals.  Senator Boozman said that VA hospitals are experiencing…

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Veterans Affairs Will Provide Limited Abortion Services

Some members of Congress strongly opposed the move.  For the first time in its history, the Department of Veterans Affairs will provide abortion services and counseling to veterans…

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Proposed Bill Would Expand Disabled Vets’ Benefits

Senate considers concurrent benefits for medically retired veterans. Tens of thousands of veterans who have been injured on active duty and medically retired prior to serving in the…

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