Vandalism Occurring on Federal Land

Public facilities have been damaged or destroyed.

The Bureau of Land Management has reported that public facilities near Lake Havasu in Arizona have been vandalized. The agency is requesting information from the public about a string of incidents of damage to public infrastructure, such as public toilets, due to burning the facilities.

“Infrastructure in the area is often unattended and in remote areas, thus little is actually known about how the damage occurred,” said Ronald Nuckles, Lake Havasu Assistant Field Manager. “However, the vandalism amounts to tens of thousands of dollars in needed repairs in addition to reducing opportunities for public land users.”

The bureau also reminded the public that damaging or destroying federal property is a federal crime, and that those who violate that law will be prosecuted.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Director Tracy Stone-Manning to seek God’s guidance as she leads the Bureau of Land Management.
  • For Interior Department officials as they endeavor to educate the public about federal land use.
  • For those vandalizing public facilities to have a change of heart.

Sources: Bureau of Land Management


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