Study Shows Masking Made Little Difference in Pandemic

A new study finds not even a “modest intervention.”

In a peer-reviewed study by the Cochrane Database Systemic Reviews, international researchers found that masks and other physical interventions against COVID-19 failed to even secure a modest effect on infection. 

The study raises questions about all qualities of masks, government mandates on mask-wearing, and public health recommendations worldwide. 

A separate study done in Denmark found that wearing surgical masks had no significant effect on infection rates. 

President Biden has extended the COVID public health emergency until May 11. The House of Representatives simultaneously voted to end the public health emergency. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the president and his health officials as they determine policies surrounding public health.
  • For HHS Secretary Becerra, CDC Director Walensky, and other federal health leaders as they evaluate the efficacy of pandemic mandates.

Sources: New York Times, Just The News, Politico


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