House Passes Bill to Immediately End COVID Emergency

President’s September statement that “the pandemic is over“ is cited.

The House voted to pass a resolution this week that would immediately end the COVID-19 national emergency declaration. The declaration was first issued in March 2020, and President Biden’s administration announced on Monday that they would end it on May 11. However, some members of the House referenced President Biden stating outright that “the pandemic is over” in September 2022.

“At this point, there’s no longer a need for the declaration to utilize extraordinary authorities provided under the [National Emergencies Act], and it seems that the White House agrees with this too, but thinks we need to wait until May 11. That logic and math just doesn’t seem right to me,” Representative Sam Graves of Missouri said during the debate on the House floor.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Congressman Graves and other members of the House as they seek to provide Constitutional checks and balances.
  • For the president and his administration as they evaluate the necessity of continuing the health emergency status.

Sources: The Hill, Reuters


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