Bureau of Reclamation Implements Water Reductions

Lake Powell will rise as the Glen Canyon Dam releases less water.

The Bureau of Reclamation began adjusted monthly operations for the Glen Canyon Dam this past week, reducing the amount of water released through April 2023. The water issues in the western United States are ongoing, and Lake Powell, the body of water that feeds the dam, was within 50 feet of critically low water levels just a few days ago. The reduced release is intended to accomplish a total increase of 10 feet in the lake’s water level by April, which then can be used to augment the elevation of Lake Mead downstream later in the year.

“Under the Drought Response Operations Agreement, making these monthly operational adjustments at Glen Canyon Dam is an integral part of ongoing actions to protect critical elevations at Lake Powell,” said Reclamation’s Upper Colorado Basin Regional Director Wayne Pullan.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Commissioner Touton as she heads the Bureau of Reclamation.
  • For Director Pullan as he implements the water reduction strategy at the Glen Canyon Dam.
  • For wisdom for Secretary Haaland as she oversees the many agencies within the Interior Department.

Sources: Bureau of Reclamation


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