First Cargo Ship Passes Through Temporary Baltimore Channel

Vessels trapped in the harbor due to bridge wreckage will leave through the 35-foot-deep channel.

The first of five vessels that have been trapped in the Baltimore harbor since the wreck of the cargo ship Dali into the Key Bridge was led through a temporary 35-foot deep channel on Thursday. The rest of the ships will exit through the channel before it is closed early next week.

Crews are still at work to extricate the Dali from the debris. Efforts to remove the steel spans from the deck of the ship are ongoing. Once the ship is freed, officials anticipate the reopening of the main, 50-foot-channel next month. Smaller vessels are able to navigate through alternate, shallower channels.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said, earlier this month, that additional federal funding would be necessary in the recovery and rebuilding efforts.

The port typically processes the most equipment and vehicles of any in the country.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For federal, state, and local officials as they continue to oversee recovery efforts.
  • For safety for the workers as they remove the steel beams and girders from the ship and the water.
  • With gratitude for the progress made and expectations of the opening of the channel.

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