FTC Announces Plans to Address Unfair Competition

Antitrust law could impact internet technology. 

On Thursday, the Federal Trade Commission announced a new policy that will prevent “unfair methods of competition.” According to Chair Lina Khan, the policy will allow the FTC to regulate online market conduct.

“In the digital economy, we’ve seen time and time again, there’s a real premium for businesses to capture the market as quickly as they can,” Chair Khan stated. That “can lead businesses to play fast and loose with the rules.” 

Under President Biden’s administration, the FTC is actively addressing competition and seeking to prevent corporate dominance. The new policy provides the FTC with the scope to address the harms from negative consequences in addition to those resulting from unfair practices.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For wisdom for Chair Khan as she oversees the Federal Trade Commission.
  • For FTC commissioners as they consider the regulations and enforcement of antitrust laws.

Sources: Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Law 


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