Issue 561 – National Prayer Needs

Pray the Vote

A ruling from a Delaware state judge deemed that the state’s mail-in voting law violates the Constitution of Delaware and cannot be utilized for the upcoming November elections. “Our Supreme Court and this court have consistently stated that those circumstances are exhaustive,” the judge wrote. “I am compelled by precedent to conclude that the Vote-by-Mail Statute’s attempt to expand absentee voting… must be rejected.”

The latest poll of registered voters conducted by NBC found that nearly 60 percent report that a candidate’s position on the cost of living is the most important factor when considering who they will vote for this fall, compared to 37 percent who said a candidate’s stance on abortion is the most important factor.

Pray that all citizens who will vote in November will give careful consideration to the positions of the candidates.

Additional National Prayer Needs

Pray for our Military

The Pentagon is reportedly planning to review how it carries out “clandestine information warfare” after Twitter and Facebook removed fake accounts they suspected of being run by the U.S. military.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley warned of potential Russian reactions to losing territory in Ukraine. “The war is not going too well for Russia right now. So it’s incumbent upon all of us to maintain high states of readiness,” he said.

Pray for military officials as they assess the state of America’s military readiness.

War in Ukraine

According to the United Kingdom’s Defense Ministry, Russian soldiers who retreated from the northeastern part of Ukraine earlier this month left behind valuable equipment. The U.K ministry stated that “high-value equipment abandoned by retreating Russian forces included capabilities essential to enable Russia’s artillery-centric style of warfare. Amongst these are at least one ZOOPARK counter-battery radar and at least one IV14 artillery command and control vehicle.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened to intensify his army’s assault against Ukraine, accusing it of “terrorist attacks.” He insisted that Moscow is protecting itself against a campaign by the West to “create an anti-Russia enclave.“

Pray for the people of Ukraine as they return to recaptured territories and consider how and when to rebuild.


Two weeks ago, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor issued a stay order that a Jewish university did not have to recognize an LGBT club. Last Wednesday, the Supreme Court ruled that the university cannot prohibit an LGBT student club on campus. The ruling against the university was “because it appears that applicants have at least two further avenues for expedited or interim state court relief.” Those who dissented stated that it could take the lower courts “many months” to issue a ruling. The university has determined there will be no clubs available for students.

Pray for religious university leaders as they face pressures from student groups that do not fit the theology or philosophy of the institution.


Secretary of State Antony Blinken urged a fresh extension of a fragile truce in Yemen, saying it had improved lives in the war-ravaged nation. “I think it’s fair to say that the truce, whose effects are being felt throughout Yemen, has made a profound difference in improving people’s lives, and your own leadership in working to sustain that truce has made a huge difference,” Secretary Blinken said

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi voiced doubts about whether or not the Holocaust occurred. He said during an interview, “Historical events should be investigated by researchers and historians. There are some signs that it happened. If so, they should allow it to be investigated and researched.” The Iranian leader added that there “are some signs that it happened.”

Pray for U.S. and foreign officials as negotiations regarding the Iran nuclear deal have stalled.


A new study has shown that increasing medical debt accrued by Americans is setting them up for higher risks of eviction, food insecurity, and bad health outcomes, regardless of insurance or income.

Pray for Americans as they deal with the high costs of medical care and insurance that directly impact their health and well-being.


Israel and Cyprus said they have made “significant” headway in resolving a long-running dispute over an offshore natural gas deposit. They say they are committed to quickly reaching a deal as Europe looks for new energy sources.

The U.S. envoy mediating between Lebanon and Israel over their disputed maritime economic border has proposed a line closer to Lebanon’s demand. Jerusalem wants to prevent a clash and is optimistic that the dispute will be settled in the near future.

Pray for Israel’s upcoming election and the nation’s relationships with its neighbors.


Mortgage rates topped 6 percent last week, their highest level since 2008. Home buyers were paying less than half that amount last year.

Pray for the members of the Federal Reserve as they continue to increase interest rates in an effort to stem inflation.

Pray for Justice in America

The Inspector General of the Treasury Department announced that an audit of IRS employees will be conducted to identify tax cheats working directly for the tax agency.

Pray for IRS leaders as they seek to determine who is cheating on their taxes, whether they are with IRS or not.

Pray for Goodness in America

When he was a child, Carl Allamby wanted to be a doctor. But, with the twists and turns of life, he found himself being an auto mechanic. Dreams die hard, and even after he owned his own auto repair shop, having M.D. behind his name was not forgotten. As he put it, “the trajectory toward medicine and other white-collar careers takes a constant focus on education, exposure to the desired occupations, enhanced curricula and having representative examples to model oneself after.”  Through perseverance, hard work, and the support of his family, working his way through medical school and an internship, Dr. Carl Allamby at age 51 is now a proud physician at the Cleveland Clinic.

Give thanks for extraordinary lives of perseverance and overcoming, and ask God to be with those in the midst of the pursuit.

Pray for America’s Media

YouTube, Twitch, Microsoft, and Meta launched updates to address violent extremism online. For example, YouTube will expand its policies by removing content glorifying violent acts for the purpose of inspiring others to commit harm, even if the creator of that content is not related to a designated terrorist group. Other companies announced their own plans for preventing violent extremism and the tools they will provide to help curb it.

Pray for tech and social media officials as they develop algorithms and other tools to curb calls to violence.

Pray for America’s Education

New documents show the College Board, whose products are sold in almost every American high school, is developing curricula modeled on colleges’ identity policies departments such as gender and racial studies.

Due to a shortage of teachers, the state of Florida has invited military veterans to assist in leading classrooms as they earn their credentials. Qualifying veterans can teach with a 5-year certificate while they pursue bachelor’s degrees.

Pray for school boards and superintendents as they seek to fill K through 12 teaching positions.

Pray for America’s Technology

The Department of Homeland Security announced a $1 billion investment that will help fund its first-ever cyber grant program tailored specifically for state, local and territorial governments across the U.S. The funding is intended to help address cybersecurity risks, including identifying key vulnerabilities, mitigating threats, and strengthening crucial infrastructure.

The Senate unanimously confirmed Nathaniel Fick to head the State Department’s new cyber bureau. Fick will be the bureau’s first ambassador-at-large since it was launched in April. The bureau was established to deal with international issues related to cyber and emerging technologies.

Pray for government officials as they both promote and protect advancing technologies.

Pray for Needs Across the States

The Maine Lobstermen’s Association said it will go all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary to prevent more federal restrictions intended to protect endangered right whales. They allege the rules are not based on good science and the measures, including some that are pending, are “draconian.”

The South Dakota Cattlemen’s Association has been working to keep cattle a part of conservation efforts, especially as policymakers plan for next year’s farm bill. They see the importance of native grasses, prairie hills, and underground and glacier lake water, and are eager that cattle have their rightful place while conservation moves forward.

Pray for citizen groups and the need for balance between commerce to earn a living and protecting the environment.

Pray for America’s Faith Community

When we put our trust in the political system to change society, when we become more consumed with winning the elections than winning the lost, when we marry the Gospel with politics, when our Christianity becomes an appendage to a political party, we have confused politics with the Gospel. – Michael Brown, Christian apologist and author, September 2022

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