Energy Department Plans for Geothermal Development

Secretary Granholm announces new department goal.

Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm has announced a new geothermal goal for the Department of Energy (DOE) called the Enhanced Geothermal Shot. The department reports that more than five terawatts of heat resources exist in the United States, with enough potential energy to meet the electrical needs of the entire world. This goal will enable the widespread deployment of geothermal technology supporting the clean energy policies of President Biden’s administration.

“The United States has a vast, geothermal energy resource lying right beneath our feet, and this program will make it economical to bring that power to American households and businesses,” said Secretary Granholm. “DOE’s Enhanced Geothermal Shot will move geothermal technology from research and development to cost-effective commercial adoption, helping energy communities and workers transition to producing clean energy for the future.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Secretary Granholm as she promotes geothermal development.
  • For officials in the Energy Department as they pursue clean energy projects.

Sources: Department of Energy


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