Issue 559 – Verse of the Week

September 8th – September 14th, 2022


Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!    Psalm 27:14

All About Timing

Psalm 27 was written when King David was hiding from his son, Absalom, who had taken over the throne in Jerusalem. The song provided great reassurance to David, as it should for you. Waiting is often difficult. Waiting for the Lord to act can be a serious challenge. However, waiting can be used as a time to build your faith and strengthen your relationship with the God of the Universe. You may use the time to pour out your worship and hone your attentiveness to Him. You can have confidence in the Lord, realizing that all abilities belong to Him and with Him nothing is impossible. There are lessons to be learned in waiting, as you remember that everything is in His timing and for His purposes. You can rest and be secure in this knowledge. 

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