Defense Secretary Orders Second Delay of Missile Tests

National security spokesman says the U.S. has no interest in escalating tensions. 

Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Defense, ordered a second delay of routine intercontinental ballistic missile tests to avoid provoking a Chinese reaction. 

It is the second time the routine test of the Minuteman III missile, referred to as a “Glory Trip” and used to assess the reliability of missiles, has been delayed this year. The first delay occurred in March when Russian President Vladimir Putin said that his nation’s nuclear forces were at heightened readiness, to avoid any perceived U.S. escalation. 

White House national security spokesman John Kirby, who used to be spokesman at the Pentagon, stressed that the delay would only be a “couple of weeks” and that a new test date had already been selected. 

“The decision [to postpone] came in light and in context of the tensions that we’re seeing right now, and they’re pretty escalated,” Spokesman Kirby said. “Temperature’s pretty high, and the president believed, and the national security team believed, that a strong, confident, capable nuclear power can afford to wait a couple of weeks for a test to make it clear — not just in word but in deed — how serious we are when we say we have no interest in escalating the tensions.” 

Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas issued a response, stating, “How long does the administration intend to allow Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping to dictate our missile test schedule?” 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Secretary Austin to seek God’s wisdom regarding his manner of leading the Defense Department.
  • For U.S. military and security officials as they reassess and prepare for the updated missile testing timeline.
  • For discernment for the president as commander in chief.

Sources: Wall Street Journal, Defense News, Daily Caller


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