Issue 550 – Federal Branches

Praying for Our Leaders in Government

Executive Branch: Pray for the President and his Administration

President Joe Biden has claimed that despite the problems facing the country, he’s optimistic about its future. However, he said the economy is feeling the pain while liberty is under assault. He claimed there is a battle going on for “the soul of America.” He added, “Each day we are reminded that there is nothing guaranteed about our democracy. Nothing guaranteed about our way of life.”

As illegal migrant numbers continue to reach record highs at the U.S.-Mexico border and violence is increasing across the United States, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has attributed the problems to climate change and the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Pray for members of the administration to gain a greater love for the nation as they accept responsibility for their own actions and words.

Legislative Branch: Pray for Senators and Representatives in Congress

The anticipated vote on a new defense bill later this month in the House of Representatives has revitalized calls to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility in Cuba. While it may pass the House, it is not expected to gain adequate support in the Senate.

Representative Michael Cloud of Texas said the flow of hundreds of thousands of migrants into the country should be considered an invasion, and the deaths from fentanyl coming from Mexico should be considered an act of war.

Pray for members of Congress as they prepare for the midterm elections and work through ideological divisions on the pressing issues that face the nation.


The House Appropriations Committee approved two fiscal 2023 funding bills that cover the departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, Transportation, and Housing and Urban Development. They were the final annual government funding bills to pass through the committee this year, completing weeks of difficult negotiations over how the government should be funded.

The House Oversight and Reform Committee will hold a hearing this month on the impact of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the nearly 50-year-old federal abortion ruling. Representative Carolyn Maloney of New York, chair of the panel, said that the “hearing will focus on those whom those restrictions will harm the most“ and indicated the decision will have a “devastating impact“ on future generations.

Pray for those who direct the work of the congressional committees who have tremendous control over the direction of the chambers’ agendas.

Judicial Branch: Pray for Supreme Court Justices and Federal Judges

The Supreme Court issued an order reinstating Louisiana’s congressional map, meaning the state will hold the 2022 elections under district lines a federal judge had struck down for violating the Voting Rights Act. The decision from the high court resets the map, at least for the 2022 election.

The Supreme Court agreed to hear a major decision case regarding North Carolina legislators having the authority to draw a partisan election map without state judges interfering. The decision could impact future congressional and presidential elections. The high court will take up the case when its next term begins in October.

Pray for the members of the Supreme Court as they are already determining a caseload for the next session.

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