U.S. Space Force Takes Charge of Satellite Operations

Navy transfers operations control to newest military branch.

The U.S. Navy has transferred its Naval Satellite Operations Center (NAVSOC) in Mugu, California, to the U.S. Space Force. The operations center, formerly under the Navy’s 10th Fleet, transitions to the new 10th Space Operations Squadron within Space Delta 8. Space Force has also received command of the Laguna Peak Facility and 13 of its satellites.

“Space has become highly contested,” Space Force Colonel Matthew Holston, commander of Space Delta 8, stated. “Our adversaries recognize our reliance on space, and they are actively seeking ways to create vulnerabilities to take away our competitive advantage. It is the 10th Space Force Operation Squadron that is on the front lines.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Vice Admiral Ross Myers as he manages the U.S. Fleet Cyber Command and U.S. 10th Fleet.
  • For Space Force Lt. General Stephen Whiting as he oversees Space Operations Command.
  • For strength and stamina for the 10th Space Operations Squadron as they assume satellite operations control.

Sources: Military.com, Seapower Magazine


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