White House Seeks to Address Native American Voting

Report recommends specific actions to increase accessibility.

President Biden’s administration released a report last week regarding obstacles Native American communities face when trying to vote. Language barriers, hostility towards their culture, lack of access to information and to voting booths were listed as primary issues. The report was conducted by an interagency group created by executive order in March 2021 and recommends a number of action steps to address these issues on multiple organizational fronts.  

“The right to vote is the gateway to all other rights in this country,” the report stated. “Voting should be a simple, easy process for everyone, including Native Americans. The barriers listed throughout this report are longstanding and persistent, but it is clear that there are actions that can be taken to mitigate or eliminate them.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For discernment for the president and his administration as they investigate and address discrimination.
  • For U.S. election officials to provide adequate access to information and polling stations.
  • For federal and state legislators as they consider voting protections.

Sources: The White House, AP


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