Issue 533 – National Prayer Needs

Pray the Vote

The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected appeals from state legislators in North Carolina and Pennsylvania to block state court-ordered congressional districting plans.  

Election officials discovered 10,000 uncounted mail-in ballots over the weekend in Texas’ most populous county after the first-in-the-nation 2022 primary last week. 

Pray for state election officials working to prevent fraud or mismanagement in the midterm elections. 

Additional National Prayer Needs

Pray for our Military

The U.S. Space Force plans to rely on wearable fitness monitors to track troops’ sleep routines, heart rates, and physical activity, one of the few details leadership has begun to discuss ahead of the rollout of the service’s new health assessment next year. 

The Department of Veterans Affairs hospital in Spokane, Washington, suspended patient admissions and most outpatient appointments after the facility’s electronic health records system was found to be corrupted. The staff has been ordered to stop using digital records “until further notice” and assume that “all electronic patient data is corrupted/inaccurate.” 

Pray for officials in America’s Veterans Hospitals to receive and utilize the most secure and up-to-date digital patient management systems.  


A report from the United Nations shows that Iran has almost enough highly enriched uranium for a nuclear bomb. Iran has declared its nuclear program is peaceful. 

As nations across the globe are placing sanctions on many Russian items, China says it will not be participating. The chairman of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission rejected the idea that the world’s number two superpower might help complete the isolation of Moscow. 

Pray for wisdom for those negotiating on behalf of America on a restoration of the Iran nuclear deal. 


Infectious disease officials are saying the U.S. should invest in disease surveillance and next-generation PPE to prepare for future pandemics. 

President Biden has laid out a strategy to address the nation’s “unprecedented mental health crisis,” with a plan to “strengthen system capacity, connect more Americans to care, create a continuum of support—transforming our health and social services infrastructure to address mental health holistically and equitably.” 

Pray for U.S. health officials as they evaluate ways to support citizens in all areas of health care. 


Hundreds of Ukrainian Jews fleeing the Russian war on their country have begun to arrive in Israel—some 300 on Sunday alone. Israel’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and his wife were at the airport to welcome Jewish orphans, eligible to immigrate under the Law of Return. 

Israeli President Isaac Herzog announced that Israel will send an “unprecedented amount” of humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Flights already departed carrying medical supplies, systems that can provide safe water, and winter gear. In total, Israel has sent more than 100 tons of aid. President Herzog called the decision a “moral obligation.” 

Pray for Israeli government leaders to seek God’s wisdom as they welcome refugees and send support to Ukraine. 


Labor Department statistics reported that the U.S. economy posted the strongest job growth in seven months in February, and the unemployment rate fell to the lowest level since the pandemic began, signs of a strong labor market. 

The Federal Reserve chairman said that Russia’s continued invasion of Ukraine will drive oil prices higher and that the central bank stands prepared to deal with the fallout. Because of the conflict and the higher energy costs, gas and diesel prices are expected to rise, dampening commerce and inflation. 

Pray for U.S. economic advisors as they assess inflationary pressures being placed on American households. 

Pray for Justice in America

The Department of Justice is investigating whether poultry companies have engaged in anticompetitive sharing about employment practices that held down plant workers’ wages. 

Pray for those in the antitrust division of the Department of Justice. 

Pray for Goodness in America

Between March 2 and March 3, people from around the globe booked over 61,000 nights of Airbnb rentals in Ukraine with no intention of going there, but as a means to offer financial support to people living there. About half the rentals were from the U.S. 

Give thanks for the creative ways in which Americans are supporting the people of Ukraine. 

Pray for America’s Education

Fourteen states have sued President Biden’s administration seeking documents that preceded Attorney General Merrick Garland’s memo to the FBI in October regarding threats against school boards. His memo directed the FBI to prosecute protesting parents after the National School Boards Association classified them as “domestic terrorists.” 

Pray for school administrators, teachers, and the parents of students who are addressing cultural divisions. 

Pray for America’s Technology

Concerns are rapidly growing over whether space satellite hacking would be grounds for war. Concerns have increased as a senior Russian space official recently warned about tampering with its satellites. 

Pray for U.S. and international officials to have wisdom regarding the of launch military satellites, and that they would not be weaponized in conflicts. 

Pray for Needs Across the States

The Oklahoma House Rules Committee voted to send legislation banning transgender girls from participating in female sports teams at public schools or universities. The Oklahoma ACLU says the bill discriminates against transgender students in violation of the U.S. Constitution and the federal Civil Rights Act. 

As gasoline prices soar higher than they have ever been in Southern New England and drivers are feeling the impact. A Rhode Island senator has proposed eliminating the state’s 34 cent gas tax for the remainder of the year. The majority of the tax revenue goes toward Department of Transportation projects. 

Pray for state legislators and officials dealing with transgender issues, particularly as it relates to schools and sports. 

Pray for America’s Faith Community

Don’t stop living your life. If you believe that Jesus is coming back soon, build a house, get a degree [and] get your education. Plan like Jesus isn’t coming back for 100 years but live like He’s coming back today. The worst thing you can do is just get paralyzed and start saying, ‘Jesus come,’ and just be worthless. We have a lot to do until Jesus comes. Live your life, pray for direction from God, and do what you believe God is telling you to do with life. But I’ll tell you this: Jesus is going to be on time. And the main thing is for us to be ready. –  Jimmy Evans, Trinity Fellowship Church, Texas, March 2022  

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