Michael Waltz, U.S. Representative for Florida

Michael Waltz

U.S. Representative for Florida

Michael George Glenn Waltz was born in January 1974 in Boynton Beach, Florida. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in international studies from the Virginia Military Institute. He was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Army National Guard.

Waltz was a special forces officer and is the first Green Beret to be elected to the U.S. Congress. He is a veteran of the war in Afghanistan. He is still an active member of the Reserve and holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He served a senior role at the Pentagon as Director for Afghanistan policy within the Office of the Secretary of Defense and served as a senior adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney for South Asia and Counterterrorism in the George W. Bush Administration.

He co-founded a partnership that was involved in providing special information on foreign policy and defense issues to the government and became a regular on many news broadcasts.

He was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, assuming office in January 2019.

Waltz is married to Brenda Craig and they have one child. He is a Protestant.

In the News…

Representative Michael Waltz of Florida stated businesses and the mainstream media leaders are “totally drunk on Chinese dollars and are willing to compromise our values,” but Americans are seeing through them and rejecting the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing. 

“The American people have made the connection,” he said. “I think that’s incredibly powerful, but that’s why we’re taking the message directly to them. They can take a stand. They could start voting with their wallets and start moving this country back into energy independence and manufacturing independence.” 

The Chinese, he added, “have deliberately cornered the market on our pharmaceuticals, computer chips, and rare earth minerals. They’ve done it deliberately, and they’re threatening already to choke off those supply chains if we don’t see the world the way they want to.” 

Waltz said China’s President Xi Jinping “is openly talking about replacing the American dream with the China dream and being the new dominant world power. The sad irony of it always is that it is American companies that are funding it.” 

Meanwhile, many of the American companies that “like to preach social justice” in the United States are turning “a blind eye to millions of people in concentration camps and the modern-day slavery that’s used to make their products,” said Waltz.  

“Enough is enough,” the congressman said. “We’re going to call them out. Our call to the American people is that when you see Made in China, put it down. Made in America isn’t just a jobs issue. It’s a basic human rights issue, and it’s now a national security issue.” 

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Did you pray for Representative Waltz today?  You can let him know at:

The Honorable Michael Waltz
U.S. Representative for Florida
216 Cannon House Office Building
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