Peter Harrell, National Security Council

Peter Harrell

National Security Council

Peter Harrell received his undergraduate degree in political science and government from Princeton University. He earned a Juris Doctor from Yale Law School. He spent a year as a reporter for the Congressional Quarterly. 

During President Obama’s administration, Harrell was a member of the Policy Planning Staff at the U.S. Department of State for 3 years. He later became Deputy Assistant Secretary, Counter Threat Finance and Sanctions at the State Department. At the end of his term, he entered non-governmental work and became a senior fellow in a think tank while also practicing law. 

Harrell is the Senior Director for International Economics and Competitiveness of the National Security Council for the Biden administration since March 2021. 

He is married to Jessica Grzymkowski. 

In the News…

The White House is warning the microchip industry to diversify its supply chain in case Russia retaliates against threatened U.S. export curbs by blocking access to key materials. 

According to estimates from Technet, over 90 percent of U.S. semiconductor-grade neon supplies come from Ukraine, while 35 percent of U.S. palladium is sourced from Russia. 

Peter Harrell, the Director for International Economics and Competitiveness of the National Security Council, and members of his staff have been in touch with members of the chip industry in recent days, learning of their exposure to Russian and Ukrainian chipmaking materials and urging them to find alternative sources. 

Neon, critical for the lasers used to make chips, is a byproduct of Russian steel manufacturing. It is then purified in Ukraine. Palladium is used in sensors and memory, among other applications. 

A conflict in Ukraine would not necessarily cut off supply, but it could constrict availability and drive prices up.  

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