Issue 521 – Verse of the Week

December 16th – December 22nd, 2021


 Let your light shine before others, so they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.   Matthew 5:16


Do you put candles in your windows at Christmastime? Researchers believe that without obstructions, a person with healthy but average vision could see a candle flame from as far as 1.6 miles. Jesus came to be light to the world. Then He stated that you are to be a light as well. How far is your “illumination” seen? How broad is your sphere of influence? Are you a light in the darkness of this world? Are you exhibiting the other qualities God outlined for you in the Sermon on the Mount from which today’s verse is taken? What good works do others see in you that would cause them to glorify the Father? Do they know how often you pray for the nation? Have you encouraged them to join you? Now is not the time to hide your flame. Burn brightly for the Savior is come! Burn brightly because He will come again! 

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