House Passes Supply Chain Shipping Bill

The bill is intended to ease supply chain issues that are impacting American citizens.

The House of Representatives passed a bipartisan bill designed to strengthen shipping supply chains as ongoing infrastructure issues continue to exacerbate inflation and slow the economic recovery. 

The Ocean Shipping Reform Act requires shipping companies to adhere to “minimum service standards that meet the public interest” and blocks them from unreasonably declining cargo. 

“This is just one of several bills that we will pass that build on the success of the bipartisan infrastructure law. In there, there are billions of dollars — $17 billion, in fact — for ports and waterways, for commerce to run more smoothly,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi said of the bill. 

Last week, President Biden said the supply chain is in “very strong shape,” saying the federal government has been able to “handle the surge in goods” moving through ports across the country which he said is “transferring to shelves across our country.” “It’s mission accomplished,” he said, but he stopped short of promising every holiday gift arriving on time. “Only Santa Claus can keep that promise,” he said. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For members of Congress as they work to create legislation to ease the supply chain issues facing American citizens.
  • For the federal departments that are working to alleviate the hold-ups to getting ships offloaded and cargo distributed. 

Sources: Washington Examiner, Los Angeles Times, Fox News


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