President Biden Holds Democracy Summit

 President calls for leaders to end the “backward slide” of democracy around the world.

President Biden called on world leaders to end the “backward slide” of democracy during a virtual summit hosted by the White House on Thursday. “Will we allow the backward slide of rights and democracy to continue unchecked?” Biden asked over 100 world leaders. “Or will we together — together — have a vision … and courage to once more lead the march of human progress and human freedom forward?”

This is the first Summit for Democracy hosted by the White House. Various leaders delivered remarks on the various challenges democracy face including social media and foreign threats. Notable among those who were not invited were Russia and China. Diplomats from both nations wrote a joint essay describing the snub as evidence that the president’s administration was using a “Cold-War mentality” in its diplomacy. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For God to use President Biden to promote freedom, liberty, and hope around the world.
  • For the White House to be empowered by God to host future democracy summits.
  • That God would give the president’s administration wisdom on how to promote democracy. 

Sources: AP, NPR, The Hill


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