Treasury Department Introduces Sanctions Against Belarus

New sanctions come in response to human rights violations by the Lukashenka regime.

The Department of the Treasury announced on Thursday that they were putting even more sanctions in place against Belarus. The first wave of sanctions was established after a fraudulent election in August of 2020. This update marks the fifth tranche of sanctions against the fraudulent regime since that time.

“The United States stands alongside its international partners and allies in imposing costs on the Lukashenka regime for its deplorable behavior, including migrant smuggling,” said Director of the Office of Foreign Assets Control Andrea M. Gacki. “Treasury will continue to work with the international community to address the Lukashenka regime’s repression, corruption, and flaunting of internationally recognized human rights.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the president and administration officials as they seek ways to fight for the protection of human rights around the globe.
  • For Director Gacki as she continues to assess the situation in formulating new responses and sanctions.
  • That the Lord would care for the citizens of Belarus as they fight and endure under this regime.

Sources:, Reuters


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