Issue 518 – National Prayer Needs

Additional National Prayer Needs

Pray for our Military

General David Thompson, vice chief of space operations, warned that U.S. hypersonic technology has some “catching up to do very quickly” to match the growth from adversaries like Russia and China, both of which have recently demonstrated developments in their own arsenals. “We are not as advanced,” he said. 

The Pentagon has issued formal solicitations to four major technology companies for a multibillion-dollar cloud-computing contract to replace the ill-starred JEDI procurement, which became mired in litigation amid a torrent of objections from Congress. 

Pray for wisdom for Pentagon leaders, especially as they consider the work to be done to “catch up” with Russia and China on advanced weapons technology. 


New York’s Attorney General has dropped a lawsuit filed against a group of pro-life sidewalk counselors, including 10 church members accused of harassing people at an abortion clinic. The dismissal agreement released in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York dismissed the complaints in return for no counterclaims being filed. The state will pay the litigation costs of the lawsuit. 

Pray for federal officials as they look for ways to protect the religious rights of the nation’s citizens. 


The United Nations envoy to Afghanistan reports that ISIS is now present in “nearly all” provinces of that Taliban-controlled country. He noted that the number of ISIS attacks had increased by more than 500 percent from this year compared to last. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin accused NATO of ignoring Russian “red lines” in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said, “We’ve been in regular contact with all of our EU partners. We will remain very focused on this and we’ll see exactly what this actually means and what the practical effect of the clearing of the [Belarussian] camps is.” 

Pray for administration officials who are navigating the complex foreign policy issues regarding Russia and their actions in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. 


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has suspended its emergency temporary standard for forcing employees to take the coronavirus vaccine. This followed a federal court placing a long-term stay on enforcement, signaling they were unlikely to support implementation down the road. 

Pray for God to guide and direct the leaders in OSHA as they set policy and regulations related to the health of the nation’s workforce. 


The Knesset gave its initial approval to a bill limiting prime ministers to a maximum of eight years in office. The first reading passed by 66 to 49 votes. The bill would force the formation of a new government when the prime minister steps down. 

One person was killed and four injured in a terrorist attack in Jerusalem’s Old City at the foot of the Arab market descending to the Western Wall. The attack appears to have been carried out by a Hamas member, who was shot dead by police at the scene. 

Pray for blessings upon the people of Israel as they begin their Hanukkah celebration on Sunday. 


Filings for jobless benefits edged downward mid-month, drifting slowly toward pre-pandemic levels as employers avoid layoffs and many workers quit or remain sidelined in a tight labor market. 

Retail sales have begun to surge as Americans eagerly began their holiday shopping early to avoid empty shelves amid shortages of some goods because of the ongoing pandemic, giving the economy a lift for the fourth quarter. 

Pray for those who head the Department of Labor and Department of Commerce as their decisions directly impact the nation’s economy.

Pray for Justice in America

The United States announced criminal charges against two Iranians it accused of launching a cyber disinformation campaign to meddle in the 2020 U.S. presidential election that targeted voters from both parties as well as elected members of Congress and a U.S. media company. 

Pray for wisdom for the Department of Justice and federal prosecutors as they continue looking at matters involving election security and integrity. 

Pray for America’s Education

A new study from the Pacific Research Institute reveals that homeschoolers in the U.S. now surpass 8 million, with growing appeal in minority communities, and with special needs students and families leaving conventional schools. The control of school curriculum and individually shaped learning has helped parents raise the future of homeschooling in a post-pandemic world.  

Pray for parents who take on the task of homeschooling their children and for many Christian groups who offer them support. 

Pray for America’s Technology

Hackers linked to the Iranian government have been targeting a broad range of victims inside the U.S., including by deploying ransomware, according to an advisory issued by American, British, and Australian officials. Tech giant Microsoft confirmed that it had seen six different groups in Iran deploying ransomware since last year. 

Pray for those developing computer and software technology to find the means to stay one step ahead of hackers. 

Pray for Needs Across the States

A judge in Vermont has questioned the state’s limits on school choice. Geographic limits on “town tutoring” program may be comparable to property tax funding deemed unconstitutional for denying “equal education opportunity,” the judge said. The case could have national implications. 

Legislators in Idaho advanced a bill that would provide worker’s compensation for employees who get side effects after being mandated to get the coronavirus vaccine. 

Pray for state officials to make wise decisions that could have impacts beyond their state lines. 

Pray for America’s Faith Community

Knowing your purpose helps you make the right investment choices, and once you have invested in God’s kingdom, your affections will naturally follow. If you want your affections to be centered on God rather than this world, then put your treasure in the kingdom of God.“ – Dr. Robert Jeffress, First Baptist Church Dallas, Texas  

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