Nuclear Industry Receives Funding from Congress

Infrastructure bill includes nearly $8.5 billion for nuclear energy. 

Future advanced nuclear reactor development and support of the nation’s economically compromised nuclear energy plants will be aided by nearly $8.5 billion in funding which is part of the recently passed bipartisan infrastructure bill. 

Of the total $1.2 trillion in spending the bill authorizes, about $2.5 billion would get dispersed over six years to fund the research, development, and demonstration of advanced nuclear reactor technology, something stakeholders, analysts, and lawmakers across party lines have recognized as vital if the United States is to maintain a reliable grid and cut carbon emissions. 

Around $2.5 billion supports the Department of Energy’s Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program, which was initiated during the Trump administration as a way for the government to share costs with industry players to develop and demonstrate novel nuclear technology. 

Beyond funding new technologies, the bill also allocates $6 billion for a Civil Nuclear Credit Program designed to support nuclear reactors struggling to compete against cheaper or more heavily subsidized generation sources in wholesale markets and at risk of premature closure. 

Nuclear plants are responsible for about 20 percent of total U.S. electricity generation.  

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For U.S. officials as they promote clean energy made by the nuclear power plants. 
  • For those allotting funding for repairs and updating to current nuclear plants to ensure effective use of the monies. 

Sources: Washington Examiner, Bloomberg News 


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