House Minority Leader Wants Focus on Afghanistan

Tells Speaker Pelosi other measures can wait for a vote.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should stop trying to gather votes on passing a $3.5 trillion spending resolution. Following a closed-door classified briefing with the president’s administration on Afghanistan, Leader McCarthy said they should drop the budget concerns “and our entire focus, Republican, Democrat, Independent, and the like, should be nothing else than bringing our Americans home.”

He added, “We shouldn’t work on other items, especially the spending of trillions of dollars—that should be our only focus. We shouldn’t cut off our briefing with the administration because they have to get back to vote on their rule.”

Leader McCarthy stated that the House leadership cut the briefing off after 90 minutes, despite many lawmakers still in line looking to ask questions to Secretary of State Blinken and Secretary of Defense Austin.

McCarthy said that there’s no way all U.S. citizens and Afghan allies can be evacuated in the next 7 days, adding that the “only one in the world” who thinks this is possible is President Biden.

“At no time should America ever bend to allow the Taliban to tell us when we have to stop bringing Americans out. We should stay until every single American is able to get out of Afghanistan,” Leader McCarthy said. “We should not negotiate it.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For members of Congress as they consider setting aside business as usual until the Americans trapped in Afghanistan are brought safely home.
  • For every effort to be made by the administration, the Pentagon, and all others involved to get fellow American citizens home.
  • For those in Afghanistan experiencing persecution, including the killing of Christians and Afghan allies, by the Taliban.

Sources: Just The News, The Hill


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