Issue 503 – Verse of the Week

August 12th – August 18th, 2021


For I will satisfy the weary soul, and every languishing soul I will replenish. Jeremiah 31:25


There may be nothing more refreshing to the earth and to your spirit than a gentle summer rain. Grass seems greener, blue skies return brighter, temperatures go down a bit, and you breathe in the fragrance of the rain. But when your soul is downcast, a summer rain may not be enough to lift you up. At those times you must seek the Lord with all your heart, for He has promised to replenish you in those hours of need. Psalm 19 says that you can be revived in spirit when you open God’s Word and read what He has prepared for you. He will not leave you in the doldrums, but will refresh you by His Spirit when you let Him!

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