January 6 Protestor Receives Felony Sentence

D.C. district court judge hands down the first sentence from the events that took place at the U.S. Capitol.

This week, Paul Allard Hodgkins, a 38-year-old resident of Tampa, Florida, became the first person to be convicted of a felony regarding actions during the events of January 6 on Capitol Hill. He has been sentenced to eight months in prison with a $2,000 fine after he pleaded guilty to obstruction of an official proceeding, as Congress had assembled to verify the votes of the Electoral College. He had not been accused of assault or property damage.

“If I had any idea that the protest … would escalate (the way) it did … I would never have ventured farther than the sidewalk of Pennsylvania Avenue,” Mr. Hodgkins said to U.S. District Court Judge Randolph Moss. “This was a foolish decision on my part.”

His sentence is expected to serve as a marker for others who were arrested and are awaiting sentencing.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For due process for all of the individuals in jail awaiting trial as a result of their actions at the Capitol last January.
  • For the federal judges who will hear the cases to follow the law and the Constitution.

Sources: Washington Examiner, The Hill, AP


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