Issue 480 – Verse of the Week

March 4th – March 10th, 2021


Be merciful to me, O God, be merciful to me, for in you my soul takes refuge; in the shadow of your wings, I will take refuge, till the storms of destruction pass by. – Psalm 67:1

When Disasters Hit

Over a third of the nation was placed in a frigid stranglehold last month when an Artic polar vortex descended. Power grids went down; water pipes burst; icy roads created havoc for drivers; farmers lost livestock; vaccines were delayed; and, unfortunately, lives were lost. How do you respond when disasters like this come? In various places throughout scripture, you read of storms and devastations that come upon the people of the earth. It is important to remember it is a broken world. Yet the Lord says He provides Himself as a refuge until the storms pass by. Your life is in the Hands of your Loving God. “Bless the Lord at all times” (Psalm 34:1), for He blesses those who take refuge in Him (Psalm 34:8).

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