President Discusses Moving COVID Relief Forward

Lays out plan to circumvent opposition.

This past Friday, President Joe Biden gave a speech, communicating to the American people that he considers drafting a COVID relief bill that could move forward without support from partisans of the other party. In the event of a tie in the Senate, Vice President Harris is able to cast the tie-breaking vote to advance the administration’s plan for aid.

The vice president cast her first vote of the current administration this past week. The Senate vote stood at 50-50 on multiple amendments to the budget bill which led to vice president Harris’ initial tie-breaker vote. It is expected that the coronavirus relief package will also receive an even vote split in the upper house of Congress.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For God to work His will through the U.S. government actions and votes.
  • For God to guide the president’s administration to the best solutions to the issues facing the nation.
  • For Americans who have been impacted in health and finances by the pandemic.

Sources: AP, Reuters


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