Vaccines Spoiled on Way to Michigan

Nearly 12,000 doses got too cold in transport.

The McKesson Corporation, a distributor for the Moderna coronavirus vaccine, and health officials in Michigan reported that some 11,900 doses were spoiled on their way to Michigan because they got too cold. Health officials determined the vaccines were unstable after dipping below the federally-recommended range of minus 13 degrees to plus 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

A McKesson spokesperson said, “McKesson worked directly with the CDC to notify each state awardee that was expecting a shipment about the delay.“

Michigan’s chief medical executive said, “Although it is unfortunate that this vaccine will not be able to be used, we are pleased that the safeguards put into place to ensure the integrity of the vaccine worked.”

Replacement vaccines are expected to be delivered this week.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For U.S. officials seeking to ensure the shipment of viable vaccines.
  • For state health departments awaiting delivery of the vaccine doses.
  • For the CDC as they continue to evaluate the best therapeutics to end the pandemic.

Sources: Detroit Free Press, Newsmax


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