Sudan to Normalize Relations with Israel

Deal allows Sudan to receive money from the World Bank in the future. 

On Wednesday, Sudan announced that it had signed an agreement with the United States to begin to normalize relationships with Israel. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin traveled to the African country to work out a path forward to clear its debt to the World Bank in exchange for diplomatic promises. 

Secretary Mnuchin said, “This is a very, very significant agreement. … It would have a tremendous impact on the people of Israel and the people of Sudan as they continue to work together on cultural and economic opportunities and trade.” The new settlement would allow Sudan to received more than $1 billion annually from the World Bank in nearly 30 years. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For God to protect the Treasury Secretary in his travels.
  • That the Lord would help the U.S. further the work of peace in the world. 
  • That the State Department would have discernment in diplomatic relations with all nations. 

Sources: AP, Politico, BBC


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