Issue 472

January 7th – January 13th, 2021


The FBI has taken a bigger role in foreign investigations into companies with U.S. ties, but also take part in illegal activity. The FBI is expanding its international corruption unit to pursue individuals and organizations involved in crimes such as bribery, kleptocracy, and antitrust.

U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services and Agriculture released new dietary guidelines for Americans titled “Make Every Bite Count”. These guidelines are updated every five years to provide the general public with evidence-based nutritional recommendations and guidance for healthcare professionals and policymakers and act as a base for federal nutrition programs. 

Pray for the administration as they tackle issues from healthcare to foreign policy.


The cyberattack on federal agencies reported in December may have started earlier than last spring as previously believed, said Senator Mark Warner of Virginia who serves on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Representatives David McKinley of West Virginia and Kurt Schrader of Oregon unveiled a bipartisan bill that aims to cut carbon emissions sharply from the power sector by dramatically expanding investment in clean energy technologies.

Pray for the newest members of the House and Senate as they get their committee assignments and begin legislative work.


Judicial activism in “national interest” is certainly permissible to an extent, the Supreme Court ruled, rejecting submissions that it should not have transferred to itself the pleas challenging a project from various forums as it led to the denial of statutory rights to approach other courts or panels.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals allowed a proclamation by President Trump blocking immigrants without health insurance to take effect, throwing out a lower court’s order that stopped it from being implemented.

Pray for wisdom and courage for the nation’s judges and the Supreme Court justices.



Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he is giving strong consideration to a proposal from his department to designate Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism. Cuba would then join Iran, North Korea, and Syria as countries on the U.S. list of states that sponsor terrorism.

The U.S. military flew two strategic B-52 bombers over the Persian Gulf for the second time in December, a show of force meant to deter Iran from attacking American or allied targets in the Middle East. The round-trip flight originated in North Dakota, refueling in the air.

Pray for U.S. officials preparing to defend against Iranian threats to avenge the death of General Soleimani one year ago.


China is tightening control of Hong Kong, arresting two nuns, and threatening to shut the unofficial Vatican mission in that city where the two nuns work. The local diocese has moved to rein in pro-democracy voices among its congregants.

A study on coronavirus antibodies in China’s Wuhan population conducted back in mid-April suggests the true tally of COVID-19 infections there may have been 10 times higher than the numbers that were reported by their health officials.

Pray for the U.S. and allies as attempts are made to counter China’s plans to emerge as the top economic and military power in the world.


An Israeli official dismissed allegations by the Iranian foreign minister that Israel was trying to trick the United States into waging war on Iran. Iran suggested Israeli agent-provocateurs were plotting attacks against Americans meant to look like they were initiated by Iran. The Israeli official said this was “nonsense.”

The Israeli government is uncertain how to read the mixed signals coming from Turkey’s President Erdogan, but Israel’s foreign minister will hold a meeting through intelligence channels after Erdogan’s remarks regarding normalizing relations with Israel.

Pray for Israel’s relationships with its neighbors, particularly with those in the Abraham Accords.


As the COVID-19 pandemic drags into the new year, economists see several reasons for optimism: A relief legislative package will pump $900 billion into the economy in coming months; Americans are saving an unusually high share of their income; vaccines should slow the virus’ surge and have a telling impact by late spring-early summer.

The number of Americans filing first-time claims for unemployment benefits unexpectedly fell for a second straight week but remain elevated more than nine months into the health and economic crisis triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, signaling a long recovery for the U.S. job market.

Pray for the efficacy of the new vaccines to quell the spread of the virus and enable the economy to struggle back.


Governor Kristi Noem said South Dakota has “perhaps the strongest economy in the country” after refusing to implement lockdowns that have economically held back other states. They took a hit, she said, “but we’ve come roaring back stronger than ever.”

New Mexico health authorities issued fines to a pair of Albuquerque megachurches for allegedly violating Governor Grisham’s 25 percent coronavirus capacity order for Christmas Eve services.

Pray for state governors and health departments to find consistency in their endeavors to stop the spread of the coronavirus.


Oh, sing to the Lord a new song, for he has done marvelous things! – Psalm 98:1

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