President Names “1776 Commission” Members

Group created with a focus on preserving American history.

President Trump named 18 people to the nation’s education system through his “1776 Commission.” They include historians, administration officials, and national figures.

The commission is intended to preserve American history and protect the stories of the nation. According to the president and members of the commission, many modern organizations, specifically the 1619 Project, are working to rewrite history through a modern lens without proper historical context.

President Trump signed an executive order setting up the commission last month. He said, “This [1619 Project] radicalized view of American history lacks perspective, obscures virtues, twists motives, ignores or distorts facts, and magnifies flaws, resulting in the truth being concealed and history disfigured. Failing to identify, challenge, and correct this distorted perspective could fray and ultimately erase the bonds that knit our country and culture together.”

The commission was directed to report back within a year on how best to understand and promote the founding principles of the United States, recommendations that would then be used to guide Department of Education grants.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For President Trump as he works to guide and direct the Department of Education in its teaching of history.
  • For each of the commissioners as they look to bring a balanced and accurate view of America’s history.
  • For wisdom for the president as he looks to address the nation’s historical flaws and failures in a productive way that helps the nation grow and heal in the future.

Sources: Washington Examiner, Real Clear Politics, Politico


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