President Trump Approves Alabama State of Emergency

Federal aid provided to areas affected by Hurricane Zeta.

President Donald Trump approved federal disaster relief this past week to the State of Alabama in the aftermath of Hurricane Zeta in late October of this year. The assistance will help with temporary housing and housing repairs for individuals and business owners, as well as covering insurance for other various property damages.

Local governments and tribal governments are also eligible for emergency work to repair public facilities damaged by the hurricane. The Department of Homeland Security named Allan Jarvis as the Federal Coordinating Officer for these recovery operations.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Allan Jarvis as he facilitates disaster relief the State of Alabama.
  • For the Department of Homeland Security in their emergency care for the American people.
  • That President Trump’s authorization and FEMA efforts to coordinate and direct recovery would bring hope to those impacted by the hurricane’s devastation.

Sources: AP, White House


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