Pentagon Sends B-52s to Middle East

Intended as “deterrence mission” against Iran.

A pair of B-52 bombers were flown into the Middle East Thursday from Barksdale AFB in Louisiana. Military officials have seen some indications of increased attack planning by Iranian-linked forces inside Iraq and the B-52s are intended to be a deterrent against Iranian aggression. 

The Air Force bombers flew nonstop to the Middle East and back with refueling multiple times in the air.

Central Command General Frank McKenzie said, “The ability to fly strategic bombers halfway across the world in a nonstop mission, and to rapidly integrate them with multiple regional partners demonstrates our close working relationships and our shared commitment to regional security and stability.”

Without naming them, the general added, “Potential adversaries should understand that no nation on earth is more ready and capable of rapidly deploying additional combat power in the face of aggression.

“We do not seek conflict, but we must remain postured and committed to respond to any contingency.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For members of America’s military, including those who fly the B-52s, to be as safe as possible in the air, on the ground, and on the sea.
  • For General McKenzie as he leads the Central Command.
  • For wisdom for the administration as U.S. troops are withdrawn from the Middle East.

Sources: The Hill, Fox News


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