God is on board

Habakkuk 1:5 – Look among the nations and see, wonder and be astounded. For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told.

Those who “go down to the sea in ships” know that the time to plan for a storm is before it hits.  They know it is good to have a written plan to rely on when it is time to start locking the hatches, securing the port holes and setting the anchor.  When the severe weather is at hand, the checklist keeps the sailor calm as he prepares. An unprepared boat will likely break free.

Corrie Ten Boom once wrote, “In order to realize the worth of the anchor, we need to feel the stress of the storm.” The American ship of state is being tossed about on very stormy political seas. In his book, God’s Chaos Code, Dr. Lance Walnau, author and professor, writes: “The American storm is larger than racial, gender, and political division. When the disciples feared that the storm would sink the boat, they cried out and awakened Jesus who arose to rebuke the storm. The challenge for us is that there is no physical Jesus to awaken—it is the sleeping body of Christ that must awaken and speak to the storm.  Angry waves have overtaken the ship, and demonic winds may lash the vessel violently, but God is on board this boat. To quell the ferocity of the storm, it’s going to take all of us finding our place in the midst of the crisis, the chaos, and the call of God.”

Pray With Us

O Mighty and Righteous God, the condition of America is no surprise to you. To have watched us build to the position we are in through years of setting You aside from national discourse to now when You and we are mocked, ridiculed, and, in some cases, persecuted.  Jesus said that in this world we would have troubles, but we need not fear, for He has overcome the world. We place our reliance on You today to guide us in overcoming. Help us stand strong for You, to contend for the faith, not to give in to the “demonic winds that lash the vessel violently,” but to maintain our reliance on You and the work You are doing.  We await in anticipation of what You are performing. Guide us into the part You desire us to have, we pray. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

  • Pray that God would continue to do a mighty work in the political realm of America.
  • Pray to develop a viewpoint toward world conditions that coincides with the viewpoint of God.
  • Pray to be able to demonstrate love and to seek for understanding of those with whom you disagree.
  • Pray that the foundation of law and order, God’s Word and moral revival would be strengthened in America.
  • Thank Him for the blessing of allowing you to live in a country where you still remain free to express your political and religious beliefs.
  • Ask God for help in showing respect and love for the leaders of America.
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