Avoid Self-Righteousness

The cure is humility.

Luke 14:11 – For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.

There are subtleties behind some of the divisions you see in America today.  The scribes of Jesus’ day had a similar problem. In fact, Jesus told the people to be wary of them because of their love for recognition and respect, and because of their religious hypocrisy. They were exploiting the people with false messages—but they believed they were the ones who were right. They were, in a word, self-righteous.

The “I’m right and you need to agree with me” attitude that prevails in some circles, even among some Christians, is self-righteousness, and it is dangerous. It stems from a psychological place of fear, and leads to indignation and anger. Polarization in the United States is at an all-time high; it has been fueled by self-righteous politicians and protesting groups, and it results in pugnacious contempt.

You cannot change what other people do; but you can change how you respond.  To hold a self-righteous attitude comes at a high cost. You may, indeed, have the moral high ground, but you might better serve yourself and your Savior by doing what He says and humbly serve one another with the time and energy you would have spent on demonizing them.

Pray With Us

Heavenly Father, I confess that sometimes it seems that I am too ready to put down some people and politicians who, to my mind, “just don’t get it,” and whose ideals and goals are not in alignment with what I think they should be. Forgive me when I am self-righteous.  I remember how you said in Proverbs that a man’s pride will bring him low, but a humble spirit will obtain honor.  Guide me by Your Spirit to be more humble. Lead me with Your righteousness, for it is sufficient for me. For the sake of Jesus and His kingdom, Amen.

  • Confess any areas where you might have felt or even displayed a self-righteous attitude during this season of post-election vote counts and determinations.
  • Ask for wisdom to understand the points of view of those with whom you may disagree.
  • Ask God for discernment to be able to identify truth in the midst of confusion and misinformation.
  • Pray for understanding and for God to reveal biblical principles to you as you form your opinions.
  • Pray for respect and submission in America toward those in authority over.
  • Ask the Lord to direct you to someone or some group that needs your service or support, then follow His lead and serve them.
  • Seek God’s approval, rather than the approval of people.
  • Ask God to help you lead a life of integrity in all aspects, including in the ways you react to others.
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