Interior Announces Conservation Achievements

Invasive mussles in western U.S. waters targeted by Department.

The Interior Department announced on Monday that it had made major gains in the protection of waterways in the Western United States. The Safeguarding the West from Invasive Species initiative was undertaken for the first time under the Trump Administration and sought to diminish the impact of invasive mussels that filter key food out of water that local fish and insects need for survival.

Acting Assistant Secretary for Policy and Budget Scott Cameron stated, “Our partners—in particular Western governors—have stepped up to help ensure that we maintain healthy and unimpeded water supplies to power the West and protect thriving outdoor tourism economies. They asked us to do our part—and Interior fulfilled our commitments.“  Thus far, the Interior Department has protected the Columbia River Basin from invasion and expanded containment programs in other bodies of water.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the Lord to help the Interior Department protect the country’s waterways. 
  • That God would give Acting Assistant Secretary Cameron wisdom on how best to manage his office.
  • That God would enable the president’s administration to safeguard the nation’s environment. 

Sources: Interior Department


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