Second Day of Senate Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings

Judge Barrett pledges impartiality. 

The Senate Judiciary Committee continued its probe into the life and work of Judge Amy Coney Barrett on Tuesday as both sides of the ideological aisle sought to determine if she would be able to judge impartially. She stated that in the past she was able to keep her personal views out of her rulings saying, “I have done that … I will do that still.”

When asked if Judge Barrett would be willing to recuse herself in cases concerning the reelection of the president, she did not give direct answers. President Trump praised the efforts of Judge Barrett saying, “I think Amy’s doing incredibly well.” Senators in favor of confirming the next Supreme Court associate justice are working hard to complete the confirmation process before the November election. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For God to guide the Senate for the best way to vote in Judge Barrett’s confirmation.
  • That Judge Barrett would be guided by God on the best way to answer the Senate’s questions. 
  • For President Trump to be led by the Lord on the best individuals to appoint to the nation’s courts. 

Sources:  AP, CNN, Fox News


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