Bob Latta, U.S. Representative for Ohio

Bob Latta

U.S. Representative for Ohio

Robert Edward Latta was born in April 1956 in Bluffton, Ohio. He earned an undergraduate degree from Bowling Green University and received his Juris Doctor from the University of Toledo College of Law. He served in the private practice of law before entering politics.

For six years, Latta was a Wood County Commissioner. He was elected to the Ohio Senate, serving there six years, and was a member of the Ohio Representatives for six years. He has been a member of the U.S. House of Representatives since January 2001.

He is married to Marcia and they have two daughters. He is a Roman Catholic.

In the News…

Legislation to set standards for the safety and security of self-driving vehicles was introduced in the House by Representative Bob Latta of Ohio.

The Safety Ensuring Lives Future Deployment and Research In Vehicle Evolution Act, or Self-Drive Act, would provide standards for testing and deployment of autonomous vehicle (AVs)s, including those in cybersecurity, along with improving the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s ability to adapt federal driving regulations to self-driving vehicles.

Latta said the legislation is necessary for the U.S. to win the “global race” on autonomous vehicles.

“From increasing mobility for seniors and self-sufficiency for those with disabilities to providing contactless deliveries during the COVID-19 pandemic, AVs have limitless potential to drastically improve the lives of Americans.”

“We cannot allow the U.S. to be outpaced and this effort strikes a critical balance of ensuring safe development and deployment of AVs while keeping the U.S. at the forefront,” he added. 

“We hope this bill can move through the legislative process, because if we don’t write the rules of the road when it comes to AVs, China will,” Latta said.

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Did you pray for Representative Latta today? You can let him know at:

The Honorable Bob Latta
Representative for Ohio
2467 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515


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