Disinformation About Election Being Spread Across U.S.

The FBI and CSIA are watching for cyberattacks on election infrastructure.

The Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) together with the FBI warned on Monday that foreign groups and other malicious actors online are spreading disinformation concerning potential cyberattacks on the U.S. election infrastructure.

In a joint public service announcement, the agencies said, “During the 2020 election season, foreign actors and cybercriminals are spreading false and inconsistent information through various online platforms in an attempt to manipulate public opinion, discredit the electoral process, and undermine confidence in U.S. democratic institutions.”

“The FBI and CISA have no information suggesting any cyberattack on U.S. election infrastructure has prevented an election from occurring, compromised the accuracy of voter registration information, prevented a registered voter from casting a ballot, or compromised the integrity of any ballots cast,” the agencies wrote. 

They urged voters to be careful consumers of election-related information, saying “critically evaluate the sources of the information they consume and to seek out reliable and verified information,” such as state and local election officials.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For election officials across the nation as they keep a close eye on activities within their states that would seek to disrupt the coming election.
  • For the Homeland Security and FBI agencies as they keep a close eye on the potential of foreign actors and others who wish to do harm to the American election.
  • That the Holy Spirit would enable Americans to discern truth from error.

Sources: The Hill, Newsmax


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