Interior Adds New Site to Civil Rights Network

A.D. King House in Alabama memorialized. 

The Department of the Interior announced on Thursday that A.D. King’s house had been added to the African American Civil Rights Network. Mr. King was the youngest brother of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and resided at the home in Ensley, Alabama from 1961 to 1965. He served as a leader for the Southern Christian Leadership and pastored a congregation there at the time. 

Secretary Bernhart praised the decision saying, “The King family endured incredible hardships in the fight for equality. This home is an important chapter in the story that has shaped American history. It is a chapter that will forever be told. The legacies of the King and Crockett families are powerful reminders of our continued efforts to create a more perfect union. It is my honor to add the A.D. King house to the African American Civil Rights Network.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • That God would help the Interior Department to preserve these important historical sites. 
  • For God to help the Trump Administration be good stewards of the nation’s history. 
  • That God would help Americans learn the history of the United States. 

Sources: Interior Department


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