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September 18, 2020

19 Years of Trusting God

Dear Members,

Have you ever thought about what the apostle Peter was thinking the moment he looked away from Jesus and his body started to sink below the water? During a storm on the Sea of Galilee, Jesus walked upon the water toward the apostle’s boat and called Peter to “come” to him. Peter got out of the boat and, so long as he was focused on Jesus, he was safe. Only when he glanced away and allowed fear to fill him, did he fall. (Matthew 14:22-36)

Like Peter, God has called us to trust and seek Him. For 19 years, your prayer team has answered His call and faithfully served. Despite seasons of change and times when the world has tried to distract or scare us from our mission to keep America praying, we have kept our eyes steadfastly upon Jesus. And YOU have helped us stay focused and resolute.

If you have been with us since our simple beginning in 2001, you will recall that we started with a single web page and a weekly email. Today, we have grown into a full-time, robust ministry that reaches into every city, county, and state within our nation. In addition to an expansive web presence with several programs and daily emails, we produce radio prayer segments that can be heard in every major U.S. market, we publish printed prayer guides and prayer journals sent to individuals and churches across the nation, and we host a 24/7 streaming prayer radio service filled with prayers from Americans like you. Your prayers and support encourage us and keep us vigilant in our task to reach more of America for prayer. Every day we hear stories of changed lives, opened hearts, and strengthened relationships with God–all because of the power of prayer.

Through you, God has blessed and sustained this prayer team. Even as we rejoice in the blessings of 19 years of service, we are facing a serious situation within our country. Never have I seen such a contrast between good and evil. The push to drive out what is good, wholesome, and godly is no longer being hidden, it is now in plain sight! Pastors, church leaders, and houses of worship are being told when and how to operate. Misinformation is being spread to divide congregations and families. There are continued attempts to remove all references to God from our public places, our pledge of allegiance, our government buildings, and from the history of our great nation.

But do not fear! There is always hope through Christ. I am also seeing and hearing from other leaders and pastors that they have never seen such a focus and call-out for prayer. So many of our nation’s believers are praying non-stop and God promises to hear every thought and word. Within just your prayer team, over 80,000 members have already committed to daily prayer ahead of the November election. Evil is looking to test your faith and America’s resolve. Do NOT look away from Jesus right now. It is up to us to pray and to make sure proper and capable leaders are elected for our country.

Our pledge to you is the same as always–to remain non-political and non-partisan while encouraging prayer for America and we will abide by the truth of God’s Word–standing for whatever is biblical, moral, and ethically right.

Our Vital Signs national study  has been the largest of its kind. I hope you have been able to read our coverage of the top 13 most valued topics, as chosen by our members, that every praying American should consider and pray over before voting. It has been a foundation for Pray the Vote 2020 with related prayer points, guides, and radio features. Through it, we are working alongside our radio partners, churches, and places of worship to help call all believers to prayer and to be prepared to make their vote count.

Please remember that, even though it looks like our country is in the middle of a dark and treacherous time, God is in control. You are not alone. Together, we are the “body of Christ” and together we will remain steadfast as we keep our eyes and hearts fixed upon our Almighty God.

Thank you,
Jim Bolthouse

P.S. Here are two simple ways that you can help today:

  • Keep praying! Pray for this ministry, pray for your faith leaders, pray for your local and state officials, and pray for the president and his cabinet. Additionally, pray for the election and for your fellow Americans to find unity and understanding through the grace of God.
  • Help us reach more people for prayer. Did you know that if each member would introduce this prayer ministry to just five other people–we could reach the entire country? You already know many friends, family, and others who could benefit from knowing others are praying alongside of them. Will you share this email?

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19th Anniversary

Show your support with a financial gift to help cover our operational costs. Our nation has endured many changes and hardships this year, and we know that not everyone has the same resources as they may have in the past. If God has continued to bless you at this time, prayerfully consider making a financial gift and help us not only meet our 19th years of service needs, but maybe even help us push forward looking at year twenty!


It’s Time to Cover America in Prayer

Over 80 thousand have accepted the challenge to pray daily over America from now through the election. Will you join them? Each prayer adds more threads to a great magnificent prayer blanket to cover the nation.

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