“I’m Fixing Disaster” at Postal Service, President Says

He said his efforts are to get the organization running more efficiently.

On Monday, President Trump defended his Administration’s efforts to implement changes at the U.S. Postal Service ahead of November’s election. He also said he would support efforts to expand in-person voting.

Some of his opponents have accused the president of trying to hamstring the cash-strapped Postal Service to suppress mail-in voting. The president has repeatedly said that a surge in mail-in voting would lead to fraud.

President Trump said he wants the agency to “run efficiently.” He added, “It’s not a Trump thing. This has been one of the disasters of the world, the way it’s been run. What am I supposed to do, let it continue to run badly?”

Vote-by-mail, as opposed to the program of absentee balloting, would have state elections people sending out ballots to everyone. President Trump has decried that program, saying, “I have to tell you that if you go with this universal mail-in where you send millions of votes, in California tens of millions of ballots, being sent to everybody and their dogs. Dogs are getting them. People that have been dead for 25 years are getting them.”

“When it comes to the election itself,“ the president said, “you have to see what’s happening,” and “you’re never going to have a fair election” with mail-in ballots.

For its part, the Postal Service has warned states coast to coast that it cannot guarantee all ballots cast by mail for the November election will arrive in time to be counted, even if mailed by state deadlines, further raising the possibility that millions of voters could be disenfranchised by the universal mail-in balloting program.

Last week, Dr. Anthony Fauci said there is “no reason” Americans can’t vote in person for the 2020 presidential election, so long as voters follow proper social distancing guidelines and wear masks.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For a solution to the universal mail-in ballot question that will give Americans confidence in a secure and fair election.
  • For President Trump, Attorney General Barr, and others working with state election officials.
  • For the Postmaster General as well as the heads of the postal workers union to work on their procedures and practices to assure a fair election.

Sources: Washington Examiner, Newsmax, The Hill, AP


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