Russia Releases Partially Tested COVID-19 Vaccine

Scientists warn of skipped Phase 3 trials.

U.S. officials are urging caution concerning Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement of the registration of a coronavirus vaccine. The State Department has also warned that there could be unreliable coronavirus information coming out of Moscow about American vaccine development. Canadian, U.K., and U.S. intelligence has also been concerned that attempted hacks last month of labs working on the vaccine may be tied to the Kremlin.  

President Putin also reported that one of his daughters has received an inoculation. Russian health officials have approved the vaccine after only two months of human testing, skipping the Phase 3 trials which last for months and involves thousands of patients.  

Scientists are cautioning use of the fast tracked vaccine, saying the it may expose consumers to unnecessary danger. Former FDA comissioner, Scott Gottlieb said, “I wouldn’t take it, certainly not outside of a clinical trial right now. It appears that it’s only been tested in several hundred patients at most. In some reports, it’s been in as few as a hundred patients.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the State Department and FDA as they seek to keep Americans safe.
  • For those who are in vaccine trials to be healthy and have no ill effects. 
  • For wisdom for President Trump as he develops strategies to continue the pandemic recovery.

Sources: Axios, Reuters, DailyWire


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