Maintain Unity

While living in the “culture of hostility towards religion”.

Ephesians 4:1-3 – I…urge you to walk in a manner worthy…eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

Have you felt it?  There is a growing suppression of religious freedom in many sectors across America.  An opinion piece in Newsweek  August 5, 2020, said that from Washington, D.C. to California, churches have been set ablaze as “symbols of oppression.” Fire is one of the tools of the trade of a culture laying siege to religious freedom.

Using the pandemic for an excuse, elected officials across the nation have threatened to permanently shut down synagogues, ban drive-in church services, and forbid singing or chanting in religious gatherings, all the while decreeing that massive protests with shouting and chanting are allowed. And when churches do meet, they are accused of recklessly spreading COVID-19.

In the face of the assaults on your freedom to worship, it becomes even more important that you and your fellow believers stand in unity for the cause of Christ. Whatever direction your political bent goes, all is not lost when those who follow Jesus stand for the truth. Your First Amendment still exists and still has its defenders in Congress, in the White House, and in the Supreme Court.

Pray With Us

Father in Heaven, I have to confess that I often take the liberty that I have to worship freely in this country for granted.  But it is a right that has been firmly established in America’s Constitution. Today I pray that you will give me wisdom to see which among the candidates running for every kind of office are willing to stand on that liberty, to speak about it publicly, as a matter of conviction and conscience. Help me and my Christian brothers and sisters to live out that sacred right freely and openly, for the sake of Jesus and His Kingdom,


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