Firm or Squishy

Sound ideas are essential in your spiritual growth.

Psalm 119:145 – I will meditate on your precepts and fix my eyes on your ways.

Think of a rich, deep bubble bath, one in which you surround yourself with the frothy bubbles and immerse yourself in its fragrance. One Bible commentator talked about the idea of meditating on Scripture as “luxuriating in God’s words.”

As you meditate on the Word of God, you get a keener sense of God’s heart. Being immersed in the Scriptures will bring wisdom. When you memorize verses or passages, they instill themselves in your life and become part of your thinking and decision-making. The more the Bible is appropriated into your life, the better prepared you are to use His Words to encourage others.

A pillow for your head after your luxury bubble bath might be firm or squishy. But your ideas about what is good and what is evil in these days should never be…if meditating on the precepts of the Lord is your way of life.

Pray With Us

Loving Heavenly Father, You are so good! Thank You for the Bible, Your very Living Word to us. Let your Holy Spirit guide me into understanding as I read and meditate upon Your Word.   Keep me ready with an answer for anyone who should ask me the source of my faith and joy in this election season. I praise Your Glorious Name, and that of Your Son, Jesus,


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