Teachers’ Unions Unveil New COVID-19 Demands

Teachers say they are wary of returning to class and online instruction also.

Public school teachers around the country are fighting for schools to remain closed longer, to implement more expansive safety measures, and to limit teachers’ responsibilities when it comes to online learning. The same teachers are threatening to walk off their jobs if they are denied their way, and are being seen protesting at state capitols and on social media.

This week, the second largest teachers’ union in the nation gave its state and local chapters permission to strike if their school districts not do meet satisfactory precautions, such as revamping ventilation systems and instituting mask mandates, before children come back to school.

Meanwhile, parents are trying to make decisions amid constant uncertainty. Parents are asking for better options for their children who many feel were grossly underserved in the spring.

President Trump and Education Secretary DeVos are pushing for a return to in-person instruction.

With many schools closed for the foreseeable future, families who can are hiring tutors and teachers to augment distance learning with children individually or in small groups in their backyards or family rooms, creating a new cottage industry called “learning pods.” They are re-imagining education on their own terms to keep track of their children and keep them engaged both academically and socially.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • About the perplexities and challenges of returning to in-classroom learning for America’s school children.
  • For parents who are organizing small groups together to establish their own education system.
  • About the future of public education and the ongoing impact of online learning.

Sources: Wall Street Journal, Seattle Times, The Federalist


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